About Us

So, I’m a one-man army; I’m a one-man band. There’s a fiddle on my shoulder, a tambourine on my left toes, a guitar in my two shaky hands and a snare drum laced to my right shoe. This may not seem like it will produce the best music out there, but you will love the song of this site I have built. It took some time and a bit of coordination, but I’ve done it, and now you have so much to benefit from. Right? It is absolutely right.


Now that it is all complete, here is a bit more about me. I can’t remember my age to be honest. I thought I was in my early forties, but I’m pretty sure that that is my mother living up stairs. Things could be much worst however, and I currently get three-square meals a day. That is with no money down and no grocery shopping. You can’t beat it with a bat.


The last time I tried stirring up a decent meal, I think that I wound up making napalm. What was I thinking? The truth is, I do spend much of my time at the computer. I’m a bit of a genius, but I also love to beat the dealer every now and again with calculated hands in the game of blackjack. This pastime of mine went really well until one day: the one day I will tell you about in a bit.


I can tell you that I’m a man of the human origin, and I have tremendous passion for providing people with the right places to be when they are gambling online. This is my greatest vision, and I hope that you have at least felt a reasonable sense of encouragement since you have arrived. I also hope to hear about your experiences on this site when you have the time.


My Dog :)

My Dog Buster – Just for kicks 🙂

My Motivation and Goal for Creating this Website
Being a repeated player on an online casino site can be rewarding in great and unexpected ways. There is also a great deal to learn from as you go from game to game and site to site. You are likely to benefit from the aide of someone who has been there, who has totally seen things and who has learned the loops and ropes a bit.
Most of all, you will benefit from positive suggestions and great feed back, and that is what you will find here at this very site. As you read the material on this site, just keep in mind that it is all for you and your enjoyment. It was a surprise experience that I first had when starting my entire venture into the world of online blackjack. Boy was that a great move!
Today, my personal success is what now drives and fully encourages me to make sure others stray away from negative perspectives and keep their legal winning streaks in a reasonably profiting order. The immediate fun and success I personally had with online gambling caught me off guard by surprise, and I fell into a more freeing lifestyle and the idea to create this rewarding site as I help others on their own and personal journey.

Nothing is better than setting goals and then surpassing them with higher outcomes than you had initially expected. There is also no match to knowing that I can potentially help another enthusiastic web gambler in their pursuit of fun, excitement and success. I still hit the tables today for a few laughs and to spend some idle time, and it brings great memories of a fun past.
Finding ways to improve this site and improve your opportunities is now beginning to consume most of the time I have if any at all.

As a result, the reviews I offer today will be on a group of sites that you can certainly trust. I have done well with them, and I still use them to feed my playing habits. You’ll withdraw your funds quick from these sites, and many of them have terrific support staff that answer your questions or resolve your problems in time that seems to be in the blink-of-the-eye. OK, maybe not that fast, but certainly fast enough.
Either way, my mission with developing this here wonderful place was to make sure everyone has the ability to find casinos that they can begin winning with and then receive anything their earned or lost without delays or other surprising obstacles. It’s all an online gambler can ask for, and you will get that with the reviews that are to follow. Enjoy.